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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stiffness kills

I got a tip from a friend and multisport coach

Her advice

1.  Do you sit a lot in your job?
2.  Do you ever stretch/roll, etc. your quads?
3.  If you lay on the floor, does your lower back arch up, or can it lay flat without forcing it?

If you answer yes to all of the above?  Go to:  as today they have a great segment that you can use to help floss the hamstring/groin region.

In fact this should be a bookmarked web page for all athletes.  He's got some great stuff, and you can learn a ton as you go along.

Well..  On New Year’s Day…  Judi had some work to get caught up on…  and I’m not a huge football fan…  so I spent 3 hours or so researching how-to, experimenting with and eventually purchasing some products to make me more supple.

my Tools:

Tube, lacrosse ball, massage ball

Things I tried:

I used a 26x2.25 innertube strip ripped up the seam looped and secured to a fence post in the back yard.  Looking for all the world like a first rate fool.  I really need something longer but even with all of the stops and starts and having too short a band….  When I got it in there…  good things happened.

this was the most surprising…  I’ve had knee issues in my right knee for years…  I could feel a difference after just a couple of minutes.  This one needs to go into the regular rotation.

Once again…  really good stuff…  I’ve done this a few times now… I need to do these before I run.
the most painful…  scar tissue from where I tore my quad back in March 2011

So...  I ordered one of these:

the work… and experimentation will continue.

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Lesser is More said...

The mwods are great - now surely you remember this post way back when:

A little flossing each day goes a long way