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Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Focus and Goals

Things I would like to focus on

1.      Suppleness
2.      Flexibility
4.      Swim for exercise…  not to be a fast swimmer or competitive triathlete
5.      Bike – find a way to ride outside more…  might play into moving and where we move
6.      Yoga – make it part of the routine – at least once a week
7.      Try to average 5 posts a week…  it’s the only life I have… why not chronicle it?
8.      Be in shape and ready for Cross season…  that means some power and threshold work in the fall when I’m normally a runner and tapering for triathlons
9.      Ride that bike trainer…  like I have in years past…  it’s good training…  it’s good base..  and good therapy mental and physical. 
10.  Read more books


1.      For Judi and I to both finish RATS
2.      Sub 5 at the ACT ½ IM
3.      Do the local cross series w/o getting lapped

1 comment:

Wes said...

a friend has introduced me to Trainer Road. I'm seriously thinking about joining.

Good luck with your goals.