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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Kinda Perfect Day for a 50K

Judi and Michael's 2012 Rails to Trails 50k

In order to be fully prepared for RATS I think that we need to do a few ultras… Especially seeing as how Judi has never done an ultra…  has done but one Marathon and RATS is, by design, a series of four ultras in 6 days.

I wanted to do the first one in January…  and since the Jetty to Jetty race I'd used to prepare in 2010 has been moved to May…  and the fact that we could not find a 50k nearby in January…  we decided to do our own…  we even invited all of you..

alas..  we were the only ones who showed.

I woke Jimmy up to see if he was interested…
It was far too early for our lazy dog…

We packed our packs

Yep…  that's a running shoe on my kitchen table…  and the precise shoe I *should* have worn (more on that later
We arrived at the trailhead just before dawn and headed out on the long out and back. 

The trail is ~14.7 miles end to end.  Since Judi had been having knee issues during long runs recently our tentative plans were as follows in an excerpt from an email I sent Judi on Friday

We run the first 9 miles ~1.5 hours together then do one of the following based on how you feel. 
Option A: 
Judi feels strong and want to keep running:
We finish running the 3.5 hours~ 18 miles…  turning at the train station (12.5 miles) Then walk it in (7 miles)
 Option B: 
You are not feeling great separate at mile 9
Judi: out to train station and back = 7 miles = walk @ 15 mpm pace 105 minutes
Me: to end and back = 11 miles = run @10 mpm pace 110 minutes….

Will be hot on your heels by the time we get back to the 9 sign.  We can then run/walk to the finish based on what we have left in the tank 

So off we went packs on our backs in absolutely no hurry.

Until mile six…  where my colon knew there was a restroom…By the time we got there I was in sphincter squeezin' penguin waddle mode but I made it….  Only to find that the door. Was. Locked.

All of the water was turned off too.. off to the woods..

Once back on the trail…  less than a quarter mile along…  two port-o-lets


Okay…  quickly put that ahem…  behind me

The next 6 miles were just nice and steady…


we walked a few times to stretch and eat but in general just moseyed on

When we reached the train station at mile ~12.6 we found their restrooms open…

Here I am waiting on a woman


Here we had our first big mistake decision for the day.  Our exchange went something like this:

Me: How do you feel baby?

Judi: fine

Me: do you want to turn around now?

Judi: no I want to keep going to the end.

Me: okay

Judi: How are you?

Me: I feel good… I have a hot spot

Judi: keep running you perv…

Me: no… I mean yes…  I mean…

Judi: what?

Me: I have a hot spot on my foot

Judi: what does that mean

Me: it means my shoe is rubbing my foot in such a way that I may have a blister later

Judi: oh… are you going to be okay?

Me:  yeah…  I'll be fine.

So on we go.  The miles are marked both by posts and markings on the road.  We got a picture to send our friend Mark at the 14.5 mile marker since he was supposed to meet up with us and run part of the course.


He never did show… I think he went to yoga…  and listened to his Coldplay albums instead.

On the way back we had another chat.

Judi: a 50k is 31 miles right?

Me: yes

Judi: so if we just run 2 more miles we will have an ultra

Me: yes

Judi: it would be a shame to be that close

Me:  well…  if you want to do it just say so

Judi:  do it? Why do you always go there you perv?

Me: no… I mean yes…  I mean… you went there..  I was..

Judi: what?

Me: so you want to do the whole 50k?

Judi: yes… it is what I have in my brain

Me: okay

At the next mile marker we came to we did a one-eighty…  and went back a mile.  And then there we stood…  at the Mile 14 post…  with our Garmins reading dead on 17 miles…  with 14 miles in almost a straight line back to our car. 

To be continued....


Matthew Smith said...

Something happened with your post, because it started putting the words vertically in one column after you started to describe the options of splitting up... But, I will say that whatever really happened, you guys are BEASTLY! Way to go on a huge run! You're my heros!

it's all about pace said...

thanks Matthew

formatting got a bit torqued.

fixed now.

Anonymous said...

It was a Coldplay double album, thank you very much.

Wes said...

LOL! too funny. so. Sex is always on your mind :-)

Lesser is More said...

Should have put something acidic on that spot where the blister was so you could add another element of pain tolerance training to the workout. I think its called "Wholly $hit that hurts!"...or something...