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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

RR -- BFAST Sprint Tri #3

I resolved... before RATS even started that I was going to quit ultramarathoning and take up sprint triathlons...

And... I did.

I think I'll copy a graded format someone used on TRI-Drs

Summary -- sprint Distance Tri -- 1:10:41; 6/32 AG; 52/500 OA

Long report --

a photgrapher captured us holding hands walking down the beach to the start (awww)

*Swim -- 11:24; 23/32 AG. *

I have been swim training lately... and expected improvement. Felt great... strong, slippery

I even caught a couple of pink swim caps... wait! They started 3 minutes *behind* me

in the picture the girl in the pink cap was explining to me who caught whom...


Grade -- F - I sucketh

*T1 -- 3:01 - long run from beach to bike... but I'm slow here too

*Bike -- 31:55 -- 25.5 mph avg; 4/32 AG.*

No computer on my bike... just rode as fast as I could... nobody passed me but... all the fast guys finished the swim ~3 minutes ahead of me...

Grade -- B+. Wonder what the race looks like for people who know how to swim

*T2 -- :51; take of helmet and change shoes... even I can't eff that up too much

*Run -- 23:32; 7/32 AG.

Ran steady... only passed 2x... once by the female OA winner. Felt strong at the end and caught someone in my AG just before the turn for the finish.

Grade -- B- If I don't feel like I'm going to puke on the last mile... I'm obviously not trying hard enough.. need to work on motivation for the run when I have no one to chase/run from...

*Summary and Overall Grade.

*C - the fact that I can ride a bike does not make up for my mediocrity on the run and pisspoor swimming ability

I either need to race bikes or seriously learn to swim.

My GF, however, took AG hardware... as she had in the first two races of the series.... it's her first season racing too... I think I pulled off acting happy for her success...