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Monday, January 16, 2012

Building base and getting better

Over the weekend we:

Got an indication of how much sitting around over the holidays affected my weight:

186 is not "fighting weight"

BMI of 27…  overweight

Checked out Mr. Peachy…  my youngest daughter’s car…  she wrecked it…  We are going to try and fix it…

We. Shall. See.

Kendall removing the radiator

Somebody let Jimmy try the wine:


On Saturday we did two spin classes and a half hour on the Stairmaster instead of riding outside…  Judi has had a cough/cold so we stayed out of the weather.

Between classes

Had dinner with my parents on Saturday night…  I am their “Geek squad” so…  I fix it so there router needs reconfiguring…  and get a free meal.  Thanks mom!


Gotta keep an eye out when you are making out on your parent’s couch:

Hot date

Oh yeah…  running.

We had 16 on tap for Sunday…

Our course looked like this:

Yep..  a long lollipop right along the coast…  we started at 0530 and it was pretty cold…  38F or so.  Did 17 miles in around 3 hours…  the last 4 at about 9:30 pace.  I felt great for the first half…  but the old Piriformis pain was back for the closing miles…  no longer is my pain debilitating but it is still there…  I’m definitely getting better while I’m building base…  I could not ask for more than that….

That reminds me….  Where is that Lacrosse ball?


Wes said...

I drank a little too much wine this weekend and swelled up like a balloon. Good thing I'm getting mostly "A"s and a few "B"s on my calorie counting web site. Gotta get this under control.

Lesser is More said...

Glad to hear that a good bit of mobility work is helping to loosen things up. And way to multitask at the office! Sometimes that's all it takes - just don't let up with it!