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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Remember lesson Balance

So...  while I would love to just run and ride for an hour each every day...  I've come to the conclusion that for the long-term ability to do them at all I must do a few more things to keep my self in balance.

THis stuff is not nearly as fun...  and the scenery has a way of not changing...

But doing it I am...

1.  Weights has become a featured part of my routine for the first time in a decade or better...  and that combined with a little added mobility has brought some strength plateaus that I've thought were all in the past.

2.  Im beginning to enjoy and really appreciate stretching...  both for the long term affects as well as feeling as if I *need* to stretch after I exercise.

3.  But the mobility stuff is the best...  massage ball...  the stick... the foam roller and the lacrosse ball have enabled me to run without much pain again...

so...  three cheers for balance

and as Mr Miyagi says "Balance not only lesson Karate, balance lesson all of life"


Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

It's tough to really find that balance, but once you do, and you find the benefits of being in balance, you'll never look at training the same again!!

I'm still trying to find that right balance!

Wes said...

so true. things I need to do. but I need more time :-)