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Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend update

First off…  Garmins.

I own a half dozen of these little machines… 

The 405 is missing….  I put it on my kitchen counter last Sunday after my long run…  I have not seen it since
The 305 will not power on
One of the 205 will not synch to my PC and the other will only charges if lash it to the charger
The 301 works okay…  and has the longest battery life…   but reception is spotty sometimes.
"an idiot and his machines…"

Oh yeah…  the weekend…

Started with a holiday party…  I know in the middle of November…

A bunch of lawyers and bankers…  wild party crowd…

Saturday was more cyclocross

And beer…

A nice video of the mudpit and the GoPro copter crashing...

Sunday morning found us doing some Florida Hills

Which brings us to today…  my first day as a coached athlete.

Let's go!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Back in the day

Although I was but a 1st Lieutenant

Yours truly was Captain of the Florida National Guard Marathon Team…  back in 1999


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tropical Cyclocross

We went to Miami because Judi had a conference at a hotel in Coconut Grove.
racing the shadow of my bike
I googled around a bit to find a group ride nearby and found a cross race instead….  5ish miles from the hotel
the veiw of Biscane Bay from our Hotel
I broke my derailleur hanger the week before and lucky for me a replacement came in the mail on Thursday.  I replaced it that night but…  shifting was not working too well.  I hoped to find a mechanic at the race who might be able to help me out.

Found the race…  and headed to registration.  A 10 year old girl was in charge…  and within minutes I was signed up for 35+ and Men's 4 and felt assured that this would be okay and that I would have an hour between the two.

No mechanic…  shifting was front derailleur only and iffy
the flyover
1st race:

Not just 35+ but P/1/2 as well…  I felt like an idiot in my t-shirt (forgot to pack a jersey) and cycling shorts amid all of the serious looking dudes in skinsuits.  I almost just walked away before the gun… 

But I stayed…  last into the first corner in my granny gear and pretty much held onto the back of the pack for the first lap…  flyover was fun…  course was okay..  but with only decent handing skills and no ability to use my power I ended DFL and 2 laps down after 60 minutes.

I cooled down a bit and started to eat a sandwich when I heard the Men's 4 call-up on the loudspeaker.  WTF?  It seems that my advisors at registration had encouraged me to sign up for back to back races.

2nd Race

Granny gear sprint slated me last in the sprint for the first corner…

2 laps in I miraculously get my chain securely into the big ring…  worked my way up a bit higher than mid-pack by the finish.


So tired…  splitting headache… but grinning from how much fun I had.

I don't often wear shirts...

But when I do…  they are tanks!

Big thanks to Jeff Campbell for sharing