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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Not Running

Hello my name is Michael and I am an alcoholic Runner.
Everyone in unison: ("Hi Michael")
Today I am happy here to say that I've been sober  not running for 37 days.
::polite applause::
I hear many people say that running is hard….  But *not running* is no cakewalk for me…
Ya see…  I love to run…  I'm a natural introvert… I need that time…  and while I have been cycling a lot…  lifting weights and staying really active…  nothing can completely replace the place that I can go within myself, a kind of personal cocoon, when I'm running.
I have really not taken any significant (more than 3-4 days in a row) off running in probably 15 years with the exception of what turned out to be a torn quad in 2011 ( ) and even then I spent a significant amount of time doing "running type" training (elliptical etc)  Yep that's right sportsfans since I quit smoking back in 1996 I have really not taken a break…  and  It. Has. Been. Fabulous.  J
So why now?
Well…  to say that I over-trained in the first 6 months of 2013 would be a bit of an understatement…  and all the while… one niggling injury here…  bad knee creaking everywhere…  and an ache and pain there…  led to a compensation in running form and a weird snowballing effect of awesome aerobic capacity that I could no longer physiologically support…
So…  I've backed off…  working on Balance, core, strength, flexibility….  And cycling
I will be a runner again soon.

New Year's Eve

Busy working on my 2013 recap and 2014 goals



Monday, December 16, 2013

it was a Dark and Stormy November

I know...  I'm turning in my homework really late but maybe I can at least get 1/2 credit. plus...  here is a picture of a dog.

Okay not really but we did do a couple of rainy/windy night rides…  and I do look forward to the Tuesday night ride all week.
Another big cycling month…
Run  59 miles…  one of my lowest mileage months in recent years…  December will see me running even fewer.
Bike 49ish hours

Swim  800 yards – sticking the proverbial toe back in the water

Races Pink 4 Jon 5k – a first year event… so close to home we simply walked home after the race.  The course was not to well-marked basically all of the top 10 or so went off course in some way or another including me…  

Current Reads I finished wheelmen…  funny the more I read the less I cared about the whole deal…  Good news!  The last Lance doping book I'll ever have to read…  yay!

It's an often assigned novel for High School kids…  I normally like the Young Adult genre and this was not a disappointment.

Current Obsession riding my cross bike…  yep… still

Current Bane of My Existence a sore foot…  not bad enough to go get it checked out but pesky nonetheless.

Current Goal  No run December…   that's right kids…  I'm planning to take the whole month off

Current Excitement  FSU vs. Auburn in the Nationals Championship…   I'm not much of a college football fan but I grew up going to Seminole games….  Go Noles!

How did your month shape up?



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