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Thursday, January 12, 2012

I felt like a runner

With the Piriformis issues I’ve had lately running has been scant…  and slow…  and painful

I’ve been emphatically told by everyone from my mom to one of my Helpdesk techs “well…  stop running!”

But…  I don’t think laying off running entirely is going to fix my problem.

As outlined in a post last week…  I’m working on some mobility exercises…  stretching and deep tissue manipulation…

And…  I am better…  just a bit. But…  I have been working at it…

Working while I’m at work too…

As a manager in a company with offices all over the country I spend an awful lot of time on the phone…  conference calls…  Webex… etc.

I try to use my time wisely and multitask…  lately that has included:

The massage ball:

The stick:

And of course stretching:

After three hours of conference calls yesterday during which I worked in some mobility…  My lunchtime run was pretty smooth and not overly painful…

5 9:30s has seldom made me as happy

I know that I have more work ahead of me but…  I feel like I’m making a bit of progress.

It didn’t hurt that it was sunny and 72F out there…  a bit windy but shirtless in January…  I’ll take it.

Doing a standing pigeon…  cooling down in the locker room:


Wes said...

blech that sucks. good luck! I think my friend Marni had that too, and she kicked it through exercise and stretching.

My Boring Triathlon Blog said...

three hours of conference call??? ughhhhh

gee its only 72 degrees. wow that's tough to handle. i'll run today and its a balmy 5 degrees F