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Friday, December 28, 2012

Out With 2012, In With 2013

Annual Tri-DRS year end survey

Mine is more of a numbers game

1. What one word describes your 2012 season? Did it play out like you anticipated?


Yes... 2012 was the year that I turned 45... and realized that no amount of HTFU could render me indestructible. I am learning to do maintenance on myself... how to rest... etc.

2. What one word comes to mind when you think about your 2013 season?


Stated goal for RATS this year... can we do it? I don't know but as Mario Cippiolini once said... "I will do the maximum to be at my maximum"

3. What was your greatest thrill or joy this year from training or racing?


I came in 4th in the B class at one of our local cyclocross races... having my name called and getting a prize was pretty dang sweet

4. What was your biggest disappointment this year from training or racing?

30 (again)

Standing on the Kokopelli trail... 30 miles into the 40 mile day... realizing my will could force my body no further... and finishing was out of the question

5. Did you race at all in 2012? If so, what was your favorite race and why?

RATS - too many to recount

6. Do you plan to race in 2013 and if so ,what is your race schedule?

Jetty to Jetty Ultra - Feb
Croom's Fool 50 miler - April
RATS - June
CX Oct-Jan

7. What are you goals for 2013?

Sub 30 at RATS
Win a cyclocross race

But really goals are just daydreams without a plan...

Sub 30 at RATS will require:
Weight at or below 169 (Currently at 182)
Hill training - Saturdays have been dedicated to this pursuit since 1 November
Nutrition and hydration strategy/execution my eternal weakness needs to become a strength
Get healthier as I get fitter (nifty trick at 45)

Cyclocross success:

Fast group rides
Healthy able legs
Obtain some better handling skills

Monday, December 17, 2012

it's really only trespassing if you get caught

A pretty good week around here training wise…  and otherwise

Got in some good runs and possibly more importantly a bunch of flexibility and strength work.

I'd thought to do one more round of the FLCX Cyclocross series but decided against it…  I have loftier goals in the coming months better to focus on improving my fitness and condition as opposed to racing my bike like a 12 year old on a sugar high.

An image of what I missed

I'll be back next year…  hopefully to race the whole series.

Instead Saturday began with 3 hours in the gym… smart solid base training…

On Sunday I had 18 miles planned…  I decided to break it up into two 9 milers.

After getting up and doing some mobility work I knocked out the first 9…  during which my Garmin died at… well…  just before mile 6.

So…  why take a picture of my watch you might ask…  well…  this particular device works flawlessly with the exception that it is unreadable by my computer…

In the afternoon Judi and I went to a spin class after which I decided a run home would be in order…

Here is a map of my route.. 

my route, pace, and obstacles encountered more closely resembled something from Billy in Family circus that it did any type of proper running route.

Cool interesting things encountered:

&1.  A hawk with a frog in his talons
&2.  Crossing a 6" wide spillway at the end of a retention pod
&3.  Entering the back side of a construction site amid piles of debris and tools
&4.  Pretending that I did not see the security guard patrolling the site (I assume he reciprocated)
&5.  Successfully finding a trail that cuts  through the woods across the back side of our local university that I spotted on the satellite image of the area.
&6.  2 miles later finding this blocking my progress
&7.  Wading through
&8.  And finally stealing into the back side of my neighborhood by slipping between the fences.

A pretty fun day…

Monday, December 10, 2012

Building Base

Life is a little slow here…  both with training and with the seasons

We did get our christmas tree up…

I wanted this one:

But the girls talked me onto the 12' model

BTW I am standing on a barstool

I did a kind of grinding workout on Saturday…

60 minute spin
30 minute Stairmill
30 minute treadmill run
30 minute Stairmill
30 minutes treadmill

I got some funny looks and a few questions since I did all but the spin part with my hydration pack on…  and I sweat like a pimp in church.

My PT had recommended that I do shorter runs to keep my hip from getting too tight.. so on Sunday I split my run into a 6 mi AM without my pack and an 11 miler with pack in the evening.

Judi even came along for part of the evening run.

This is the kind of scenery I had to put up with…

Over all a good solid weekend… definitely something to build on.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mickey Mouse - or a heart?

Probably the least sweaty post run shirt ever…

But is it a sign?

Maybe I would just Love to run the Disney Marathon?  Eh...  probably not

Monday, December 3, 2012

the week - (the weak?)

Lovely graph eh?

I have started logging my training on

The graph is a nifty byproduct.

By the numbers a pretty good training week… up close…  not so much

Monday – good training day run felt strong

Tuesday – really good…

Wednesday – really good running day

Thursday and Friday – nothin'  too much work and a double sty in my eye

It looked like I'd been punched in the face.

Saturday – okay… it went like this:

&1 -Self-Spin 30 minutes
&2 - Spin class 55 minutes
&3 - ;Stairmill 25 min
&4 - Uphill treadmill 25 minutes
&5 - Then just before dark another quick 45 minute bike ride.

And had this very nice bottle of wine:

Sunday – set out at 0545 with my pack.  Did a walk/run for 3 hours 15 miles legs hurting a bit by the end.  Never felt easy…  I never felt good… not a single mile faster than 10:45…  just a slog… 

Good news I guess…  I didn't really feel too wiped out after…  and I feel good today.