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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hammer Jammer

Our local triathlon club puts together a mock triathlon/multisport workout a few times a year…   since our club is called the Hammerhead Triathlon Cub…. The workout is called the Hammer Jammer…  goofy name, I know

Well..  after an easy recovery week from the ½ IM DNF we showed up Saturday morning to hang out with the club and get a solid 2.5 hours or so of training in.

It works like this….

We got to the site and set up transition pretty much like a race except for the fact that Judi and I had an entire rack to ourselves.

The swim was fairly quick, easy and uneventful…  I was almost able to keep up with Judi by swimming in a straight line as she zigzagged between the beach and the Gulfstream

Transition was pretty low-key…  we basically walked to the bikes with some club mates and soon I had fiddled around long enough to have gotten left so I hopped on and took off

I caught Judi and a couple other folks within the first mile or two then plowed ahead on my own.  We had mostly a crosswind on the way down.  I just stayed in the aerobars and tried to keep the effort constant.  At 45 minutes I had almost reached the Vilano bridge…  so I decided to ride to the top and try and make up the difference on the way back.  Although I made up some time with a slight tailwind on the way back the ride portion still took 93 minutes which put me behind everyone once again on the run.

My plan for the run was to run steady on the way out…  then once I saw Judi on the way back I would give her a minute or 2 head start and try and catch up.  The plan worked great…  I caught Judi right at 4 miles.  Then we jogged the last ½ mile together…

Super workout with some fun folks…  and we were finished with our workout…  sitting on the beach with beer in hand by 1030.


B.o.B. said...

i kind of like that name. it reminds of that rap song "speakers going hammer, bammer, bammer, bammer." seriously, it is a real song. look it up. lol!

good workout and a great idea to give money to charity.

DRog said...

Super workout!
love the Hammerhead Tri club name

Matthew Smith said...

The Hammer Jammer sounds awesome! Way to go on rocking that baby. Keep up the good work.

Wes said...

that's a run way to train! I've seen some of the triathlons this group has put on. GOOD STUFF!

Wes said...

sorry, fun way :-)

Patrick Mahoney said...

Anytime you can have a beer (or in my case some sort of sparkling water brand that's hard to pronounce) in hand at 10:30 because you've earned it is always the start of a good day.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, that sounds like fun, we dont have training like that here

Kevin @ Half TRI-ing said...

That group puts on the HOT which is a great race. I hope to do it this year.