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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Questions... I got Questions....

Yeah I’m singing that Jack Johnson song in my head as I ponder the Florida Challenge ½ IM coming up this weekend…

Will it be too hot to wear my aero helmet?  How hot is too hot for the aero increase to be less than the increase in melon temperature?

What about a tri top?  What skinsuit is more aero than…  skin?

Why didn’t I come up with some kind of nutrition plan?  Why is it that I never practice this?  We ride 40-90 miles every Saturday…  most of the time I just eat either a pack of peanutbutter crackers or a Payday bar (okay sometimes both) we follow the ride up with a 3-10 mile brick (where more often than not I consume nothing)

Sunday long runs of 7-16 miles…  nothing…  just some water…  once again…  why didn’t I at least try some gels?

Why do I hate to taper?  Nevermind…  stupid question.

What has happened to SommerSports?  I have done many of their races in the past…  in fact my 1st triathlon in 1997 was put on by them…  they have always put on top notch races in the past… now it seems as if they can barely muster the energy to change a date here and a logo there on their site…  I hope it’s just poor web admin.

Case in point:

Did I register to use my own ChampionChip?  BTW where is my chip/strap?

Did I really do a 7:57 on this course in 2003?  Yikes!  Maybe I can better that….

Where did the school year go?  My kids finished 9th and 11th grades at 0935 this morning….

Who brought in the donuts?


Big Daddy Diesel said...

- I dont know much about your helmet, does it have optional vents?

- The hotter it is, the lighter the color I wear

- I love taper, I hate taper madness

Lesser is More said...

Good luck in the race! If you haven't be wearing the aero helmet in training in any heat and it is going to be significantly hotter than you have been training, it may make more sense to just wear your regular helmet. Depends on how comfortable you are in heat though.

When in doubt, just go with what is comfortable to you.


Wes said...

I can't imagine doing a half IM in Florida this time of year. have fun :-)