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Friday, July 1, 2011

June - a good time to have an off month

The beginning of June found me in taper mode for our first triathlon of 2011…

After the race I did something I’ve not done in a few years…. I did not run a step for a week…  barely trained at all.  Then we did the Hammer Jammer see report here:

Which is basically a mock race.  I felt pretty good there.  Sitting on the beach afterwards beer in hand I got a call from my sister that my dad was sick and being admitted to the hospital.

That combined with the fact that my mom is still recovering from back surgery…  and with my kids sick to boot…  another 5 days passed w/o a single entry in my training log.

Everyone is now much better and training is back to normal…  and just in time too….  GFT is in 15 weeks

Time to tighten up and get with the program!

June totals:

Swim: 7.3k
Bike: 329
Run: 88.1
Strength: 170 minutes


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am glad your family is better and everything is back to normal

Matthew Smith said...

I fully believe in a little break after tough races or tough weeks of training. Rest maybe the best part of training!

Lesser is More said...

Sorry to hear about the family issues, but glad to hear everyone is doing better.

Sounds like a great time for a break before the big build up. Hope the time off gave you a boost of some extra training mojo to get back out there.