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Monday, November 28, 2011

4 day weekend

If Judi knoew how much Peanutbutter Jimmy and I ate while she was in Deleware we would both be in big trouble


I think if every weekend was four days long I might just, as my Granny used to say, wear myself down to a nub… 

The crew

the ugly shirt


We all did the local Turkey Trot…  specifically…  I did the Subaru Distance Classic ½ Marathon while my kids, along with my oldest daughter’s boyfriend did the 6K.

I knew that I just didn’t have the speed in my legs that I had last year

With that knowledge I had a bit of a hard time motivating myself….  I’d probably have skipped the race had it not been for the kids and the tradition…  Since I love them both…  my kids and the fact that a couple of teenage girls would want to get up on Thanksgiving morning to go do a race with their old dad…  we signed up and got the T-shirt.

Just after the national anthem (man I have a real hard time with folks who mill about while our anthem is being played) I tossed my shirt over a tree branch and started to slip up the line as close to the front as I could get…  I didn’t get too far before the cannon boomed…

The race itself was, for me, more like a tempo run…  I tried to stay relaxed in the early miles…  with the plan being to turn it up a notch and finish strong…  which is the exact opposite of the way I tend to race.  The plan worked…  nice and smooth for the first handful of miles… knocking off 7:4x…  funny thing tho….  As I tried to pick up the pace…  I began to tire…  my head said go 7:30 pace…  my legs said 8…  we compromised at 7:45.

End result was a 1:42 half…  no too bad.

Even passed a guy in one of the ugly race shirts in the final turn.

Looking like a cooked turkey
After the race we drove home and packed the car for our trip to Grandma’s house…  our part was Broccoli casserole that I cooked the night before and frying the turkey (yes we fry everything here in the South)

Once packed I hopped on my mountain bike and rode the 16 miles over to their house…  my daughter followed later in the car.  I had the rare experience of a whole ride with a tailwind and made it there in less than an hour…  even with tired legs.


Rode 45 or so…  about half of which with one of the local groups… 


I got to Hannah Park about the time they opened the gate and 2 hours later I had ridden most of the trails there crashed 5 times including one endo! And run 3 miles.

In the woods
At noon we picked up Judi from the airport (the highlight of the weekend)

Sunday: (long run day)

Got a bit of a late start but as Judi put it:

“I have 20 miles in my brain and that’s what I want to do”

in action self portrait
So we ran…  From Jax beach…  South to Mickler’s landing in St Johns County…  back north through Sawgrass…  then North for a couple of miles…  and finally a quick out and back to even it off at 20.  Not pretty but well done.  Judi had cramping issues but fought through like a champ.


I’m kinda happy to be sitting back at my desk


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I always giggle when I read a post online "I hope my spouse doesnt find out" Just funny to me

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving

Matthew Smith said...

Wowsers! That was a lot of exercise. You guys are crazy! Good for you. Way to go on the half. 1:42 is awesome, and one day I'll be down in that range. That shirt wasn't too bad, although it did look pretty bad on that guy as you blew by him. Hah!

Lesser is More said...

Now that's how you spend a holiday weekend! As long as you consider that shirt part of the high visibility night time collection, then it will work well...who needs to pay for that fancy Saucony ViziPro stuff anyways when races give you shirts in those colors. Way to earn that bird!

Wes said...

I bet you are! nice work at the half. that's speedy!