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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Notes From the Feild

1. Started the weekend with a spin class followed by core and stretching before going out to dinner… A good idea but I think that after 15 years of spin classes I’m just getting sick of it… We have bikes in our gym where you can basically give yourself a spin class… I’m liking that option more and more.

2. Reverse Brick last Saturday… 10 mi run @ Steady endurance pace followed by a 35 mi ride. It was a really good idea but for the fact that we did the return leg of the ride into a 25mph headwind….

3. 17 mile run on Sunday… with the last 4 progressively faster

4. I ran with my youngest Monday after work… we just jogged 2.5ish miles and talked… I dig that kid

5. Really bumping up the run mileage this month… over 100 already. Hopefully will pay dividends later.

6. A final thought:


Matthew Smith said...

Man, there are a bunch of solid workouts on your post. I think my favorite would have been running with my kid too. That's awesome. 17 miles? Man, that's a long ways!!! Way to go.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I been thinking about going to a spin class as well