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Monday, January 6, 2014

I ran

not like this…

or like this…

like this

and while it was awesome…  just my two feet pointed down the road… and I had speed…  and fitness…  in my body if I wanted to use them… there were a couple of warning lights

my right leg… or more specifically psoas, sartoruis, hip area…  was voicing it's disapproval from early on…

I think that I kind of understand what's going on though…  not that I have a fix mind you…  I just have some level of understanding.

so let's begin by rewinding a bit… the run came at the end of a decent cycling week…  11ish hours and immediately after 1:45 on the bike trainer.  so I think that my hips were tight from the beginning…  and tight hips leads to discomfort (pain) 

so note to self…  it's okay to ride before running but whatever I do or don't do…  just try and start each run after some hip opening exercises.

that said….  I'm happy to call myself a runner

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