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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Holiday Training

Busy busy lately with both stuff and goofing off


I have been training, however, and it's been going okay.

The week before Christmas was a recovery week and I was pretty good at not over doing it.

The week of Christmas I hit most of my planned workouts.  As well as a few cats with this:

Saturday was another round robin of uphill goodness proceeded by a spin class.

30 minutes of Stairmill
30 Treadmill @ 9%
30 minutes of Stairmill
30 Treadmill @ 10%

All of the uphill was done with my pack

Am I the only dork who takes a picture of the treadmill so that I can remember what I did?

Sunday  - called for 19 miles of running and I decided to try and run it straight.  I have been breaking up my long runs to avoid my tight hip issues.  Since my hips and groin felt better I decided to give it a go.  A pretty decent run all told.  I did begin to tighten up after a few miles…   and had some of that familiar pain in the last 3 or so which slowed me down a bit but a positive sign that I am improving.

Monday – Self Spin and 40 minutes on the stairmill

New Year's Day – I know that being the highly motivated person that I tend to be…  I should have sprung out of bed on Jan 1 ready to charge into the new year and meet all of my goals…  well…  not really.  9 mile run on the agenda but…  I decided to run on the treadmill (uphill)….   slept in until 8:30ish…  got to the gym at 10

40 minutes later… on the treadmill @ 6%...  I just hit stop…  not digging it… I really hate the treadmill and the thought of doing another hour was not appealing in the least.

I did get on the stairmill for 30 minutes….  Kept my HR around 130

I got back on the dreadmill at 6% for another 15 minutes..  then Judi came by to tell me that she was going to the pool to aquajog…  that's all I needed so I hopped off and joined her.  J

Last night we did some mobility work.

Specifically this:

we are going to try and do 5 of these a week.

Today: - I feel better..  overslept…  no AM trainer.  Will do it tonight with possibly this:

Run went well.  Feeling smooth


&1.      What measurements to take to assess my progress?
&2.      What type of milestones?
&3.      I really need to work on my nutrition strategy but I'm not sure where to start
&4.      Ditto on hydration…  it just seems so tedious…  J

Happy 2013!

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Big Daddy Diesel said...


I would guess HR to guage your progress, take a LHTR test every 4 weeks

I need to figure out my nutrition as well