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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Movie Review - The Levi Effect

Let me preface this….  I am a huge cycling fan

I start watching cycling in February with the Tour of Qatar… and all the way to the Japan Cup in October… heck I even follow Pro Cyclocross in the Fall

I started competing in triathlons in 1997 and following cycling at about the same time.

I am no casual fan of the sport…  I compete in the sport (albeit at the lowest of levels)…. and one of the two dozen people in the metro Jax area that shelled out $25 ($12.50 per ticket) to see a cycling documentary.

Only it wasn't

The movie was wrapped fore and aft with another (very poor quality) video of the actual screening where Levi and an emcee spoke about the movie.  In the end there was a panel including McDreamy and Tommy D.

The movie started out well..  in Butte Montana and a 13 year old's dream to be in the Tour de France like his hero Greg Lemond…  and oddly enough chronicled his ski racing days more completely than it did his cycling career.

The movie all but completely skipped 1998-2010 (aka the doping years) although it did include a tearful recollection of how and where he was when he was summoned by the Feds to testify in the Lance Armstrong case.

The movie then focused on the 2011 and 2012 tours of California and Levi's Gran Fondo..  good stuff…  some good behind the scenes stuff here too.

My final impression was that it was just a tad self-indulgent…  and definitely not the "untold story"

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Matthew Smith said...

Interesting. I'm a cycling fan too, but I don't think I follow as closely as you do. It sounds like the movie wasn't what you were looking for. Maybe Lance will put out a flick soon! :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am a cycling fan as well, though I dont know why these indepensent films want so much to attend, $12.50 is high, I bet the DVD will be $29.99 or higher