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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MAF Test

I'm just about half way through the Maffetone book  but I thought I'd go ahead and do a pre test.

And since I am in essence starting over.  I thought a weigh in was in order as well…

I did the test on a treadmill at the Y @ a 1% incline.  I figured this would allow me to have constant test conditions even when it's 95F outside next summer.

Warm-up 10 minutes

Mile 1:  8:38 (132 BPM)
Mile 2: 8:46 (135 BPM)
Mile 3: 9:03 (135 BPM)
Mile 4: 8:54 (136 BPM)
Mile 5 9:00 (135 BPM)

Cool down 10 minutes

I guess I'll do this test every 2 weeks as I begin to implement my new training strategies…


Matthew Smith said...
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Matthew Smith said...

186 pounds of solid muscle!

I Pull 400 Watts said...

I think you need to warm up longer. When I was performing MAF tests I would do a 3 mile warm up at 140ish BPM (basically a super easy pace) and then do 5 miles at 165bpm.

Also, don't think for a minute that because you added a little incline the test is going to be comparable to anything but being on the same treadmill at a 1% incline.

I made the mistake last summer of using my indoor paces to dictate my pace when I moved outside. The workouts were too hard and my training suffered dearly.