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Friday, October 26, 2012

CX Series Finale

Last night was the 5th and final race of our series…  the first 4 had been progressively better

Race 1: 5 crashes
Race 2: no crashes
Race 3: 6th place in the 4/5 division
Race 4: 4th (and in the money)

Optimism and excitement were high…

Being near Halloween costumes were encouraged.

Triathlete was what I had decided on…  but I had decided to forego the aero helmet…  it was just too hot for that.

We got their a bit late…  and Judi volunteered to sign me up and get my number while I did a warm-up lap…. About halfway through my lap I ran over a stick..  not much bigger than a pencil.


I came to a halt pretty quickly pedals would not move and something was in my spokes.

That "something turned out to be my derailleur.

Broken derailleur hanger…  race over

Well..  the bike was finished for the night but I got a second chance

One of the RDs lent me his 29er

It was a bit too big for me but…  I was grateful

The race went pretty well… here's a couple of action shots from my pal Chris

After a few laps I started having shifting problems on his bike too…

I ended up a lap down but… 

There is nothing like riding a bike around in the mud…  jumping over stuff…  getting dirty and drinking beer.

already looking forward to next year


Matthew Smith said...

Man, that sucks about busting your ride! At least you could still race. Good for you! Good call on the triathlete least you had plenty of attire for that! :)

Will said...

that sounds like a killer sport. nice way to keep things interesting while getting a killer workout.