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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jax sprint #3

I’m pretty sure that I’ve done at least one sprint tri per year since 1997…

Last weekend was my token sprint for 2011… and I might not have done one at all… but…  Judi won an entry and I tagged along.

¼ mile swim – 16 mile bike – 3 mile run

Since it was “just a sprint” we decided to make things a bit more interesting and have our kids drop us off at the race in Fernandina Beach ~40 miles away so that we could bike home…

I decided to geek out a bit equipment wise too…  aero helmet and disc wheel

Swim (9:04) - I must be improving because I swam with the guys in my wave the whole time

Bike (38:16) – I really like the 25.1 mph average on the website but…  I think the course is short…  had a good ride tho…  definitely touched 30mph with a tailwind on the way back in.

Run (22:36) – gotta get a bit faster here…  this is where I suffered physically, mentally, and against my competition.  I think I need to be able to turn 7s to be near the top in my AG.

All in all a fun well directed race…  good venue…

And a stupidcrazyfreakinhot ride home

On the Mayport Ferry Headed home


B.o.B. said...

man! you kicked butt at this race. your swim has definitely improved! and you two are nuts for riding back after a race. lol! WTG to both of you!

Matthew Smith said...

What a race! You ROCKED it out there! Nice work. I think it's rad that ya'll road home too. Good job!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice race!! Its on paper, 25.1, print it out and frame it.

Wes said...

nice red line! your swimming IS getting better! Congrats!!

Just a runner said...

You must be in great shape to be able to take on an impromptu race and do well. Congratulations.