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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

feeling kinda bla-ggy

Not much to post.

Ambition is on holiday I believe.

A few interesting events have occurred:

1.      Lost a Spinergy wheel…  it flew off my roof rack while I was going about 70…
My expression as the realization of my stupidity sinks in
2.      School is back in

3.      Have broken the century mark cycling numerous times this summer
I think Judi is into it for the tanning opportunities
4.      My youngest kid has been sick

5.      Came in DFL by 30 minutes…  that’s no typo…  30 minutes!!! In a 2.5 mile open water swimming race

6.      Rode 120 miles in and around the town where I grew up…  talk about your long ride down memory lane

Gadsden County Florida
At this point I’m not sure if I’m finished with triathlons for the year or not…

Can’t decide if I want to race again…  or simply aim at the fall running races


Big Daddy Diesel said...

That totally sucks losing a wheel

At least you did the 2.5 mile race, more then 99% of the general population

it's all about pace said...

thanks BDD... I actually lost the wheel on the way to the swim... lotsa cussin that day

Matthew Smith said...

What a bummer about losing the wheel! I would be pissed! 2.5 miles is a long way to swim, so who cares where you come in... Nice work on those long rides. I always like the tan too, so don't poke too much fun. Keep up the good work.

runnergirl training said...

That stinks about the wheel! Good job on all of those miles!

DRog said...

seems that time of year for lack of motivation....for me right now anyway

TOTALLY sucks about the wheel

great rides

Lesser is More said...

Bummer about that wheel - guess that means you can buy a new toy though!

If you aren't feeling the tri race mojo, then don't force it. If that means continuing to train, but not race, keep it up. If it means focusing on running for a while, do that. Do what you want - otherwise, its not fun.

the blue bandana said...

that's what I'M sayin'!!! Fun training + getting strong + = less race stress and more fun : )

Wes said...

there are those who can, and those who won't. sorry about the wheel :-( and the sick kid... but that's quite the ride!

Captain Nuts said...

Spinergy. Been there. I had a pair of the four spoked wheels. Lean my bike against the trunk. Got to talking to some friends. Got in the car and back up and then...what did I just run over. Lets just say you can replace the spokes.

B.o.B. said...

thks for the kudos on my blog. i'm done with tris until after my fall/winter running races.