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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You knew the plan...

Like the phrase goes:

"The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry"

I've been studying the Total Immersion books/videos…  and trying to get in the water as often as possible.

With that in mind… we stopped by the YMCA Friday evening…  for Judi to get in a quick swim and for me to do "Superman Glides", "superman Flutters" and a a bunch of other balance drills that make feel dorkier than normal in the pool.  Dorkiness aside I am committed to doing my utmost to improve my swimming so…  Happy Hour Friday finds us at the pool…

Idiot boy here left the car doors unlocked and while I'm fluttering and rolling…  this dude stops by and lifts our laptops

It's hard to describe the emotion that follows…  anger at myself…  regret…  feeling violated…  feeling like I let Judi down…  worrying how this will affect our jobs.

Friday night was full of all of those…  Judi.. being Judi…  was un-accusing and calm as usual despite the fact she was dealing with similar emotions.  We got a police report and started planning how to put things back together.

The first 2 casualties were the planned century (trimmed to 80) and the brick (trimmed altogether)

The 80 was good…  the planned route just looped 10 miles sooner. Which got us finished in time (and with enough energy) to go laptop shopping.

Sunday we had a nice long run planned for the early morning.  Dawn found us a couple of miles in…  and completely soaked in sweat…  it was humid to the Nth degree and about 80F already.  We ran from the house to the UNF trails…  ran the 3 mile loop twice and ran home…  despite getting water along the way I was down 10 lbs post run…. Yikes!  And felt kinda sluggish the rest of the day.

And as old Paul Harvey used to say… "Now you know….  The rest of the story"

Our weekend...


My Boring Triathlon Blog said...

oh that sucks

you know you can subscribe to a service that will track your stolen laptop.

Wes said...

oh dude, that doth sucketh... but they are just things, and adversity must be over come.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

That does suck