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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gate River Run - DNS Report

Last weekend was our areas largest road race the Gate River Run 15k...  Over 17,000 runners toed the line.  I was not one of them...  I was registered but was unable to race.  I did go down to support my friends.

prerace self-portrait note shadow if phone and hand on my face

and yes we had our bikes on the car and went for a ride after the race.

Judi stretches note shadow dog on her back
Mark and Chris pre-race

Judi and me @ the blue corral

looks kinda sure of herself eh?

they're off

this went on for almost 15 minutes

I did walk over and watch the pros finish as well as the first 2000 or so runners....  saw lots of friends and foes.

Post race stretch

Post race Mark and Chris

that *is* a beer but *is not* a cigarette
I had a good time spectating and supporting but...  all in all I'd rather race


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Sometimes being a sherpa is more fun then racing, then you can watch people racing, and you see some runners, and you wonder "what is their story" because everyone has a story

it's all about pace said...

no kidding BDD... and it's near impossible to look at someone and guess how fsat/slow they are

Lesser is More said...

Nice work with the shadows ;)

Wes said...

being a spectathlete is hard work, especially if you didn't have time to train. NICE WORK!

DRog said...

nice shadow dog!
great photos looked awesome