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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Recap

Training run at the Jax Shipyards
I decided to kinda take the month as it came…

No specific training schedule…  excepting Masters Swim

I had a few nagging aches and pains…  no big race plans for a few months

So…  I skipped workouts… even goosegged the training log on a weekend day… ate peanutbutter and valentine goodies… did zero speedwork or tempo

One of my Valentine Treats
Basically I just trained (and raced once) for fun and concentrated on rehabbing my injuries.

Now it is March and I’m ready to go…  I have a couple of goals

defined by a one word mantra “Clermont” and it’s time to train…  and I’m ready

Taking aim at Clermont
February Totals:

Swim: 18,750
Bike: 325
Run: 150
Weights: 395 minutes


Thomas Bussiere said...

Like the blog and the Jacksonville area. We often go to Mayport during the summer and get some beach time in with the kids.

DRog said...

Greatfloridian ultra?
nice lookin Feb TREAT!


Matthew Smith said...

Those are some pretty good numbers for February! They blew mine out of the water. Way to go, and keep up the good work!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

That dessert looks soooo good

Wes said...

yea, I'd take a couple of gooseggs to honor that dessert too :-)

Kona Shelley said...

I see sun..lots of it...this sux!!!