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Monday, March 28, 2011

back in stride

For the past couple of years my training has been very consistent

Especially on the weekends.  Barring races (which do get in the way of training) a long ride on Saturday and a long run on Sunday were almost automatic.

Well…  after a Marathon in February and an injury in early March…  automatic things were not.

This weekend hopefully was the first of a new streak of consistency and volume…  I’ve missed it and my fitness has missed it too.

Judi had a conference to attend Fri nite and Saturday so I had to go on without her.  I took the kids to a carnival Friday night and while the rode the rides I perused the rummage sale they have there…  and scored (amongst a bunch of non-tri related gear) a pair of Pearl Isumi leg warmers (brand new) for $2.

On Saturday I rode with a bunch of folks from our tri club I’d never ridden with before…  nice and consistent 20-22 mph for the first couple of hours…  then took turns throwing a few digs in.  All in all a good time a little over 3 hours in the saddle and 72 miles.

On Sunday we did not get up and do a long run…  we ran home from the beach instead.  7 miles…  most of it into a heckacious headwind…  knee held up okay…  it did not like running down the Beach Blvd bridge, however.

The wind was out of the Southwest

This morning was a nice 4 mile run…  ~8:30 pace…  felt good to be quick.

Back to masters swim tonight too…  we’ll see how much my stroke has suffered.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Leg Warmers for $2!!! That is a steal, normally $50+

Wes said...

back in full stride :-) VFF = Vibram Five Fingers...