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Monday, January 5, 2009

Drop dead legs

I’ve started the year off well so far….

On New Year’s day, however, I thought I had effed it up before it even got started…

I was in the yard kicking a soccer ball around with my daughter and I twisted my knee… it hurt a good bit for the rest of the day on Thursday and was still giving me worries on Friday morning….

I decided to try and run on it Friday afternoon. Well… 6 miles later I decided that whatever is wrong with it is aggravated by lateral movement and seems unaffected by forward motion….

We rode 25 miles on Sunday… did the Otis Rd to the Baldwin trail and back up 121 loop. Good to get out on the road in January.

Yesterday was a day that I’ve had circled on the calendar for a few weeks… 18 miles was the goal. The knee was still a little achy but I decided to let it ride and see what happened.

I ran the first loop (5.7 miles) with Kara… mostly in the 1030 to 1100 mpm range… it was hot tho… must have been over 80F when we started.

On the second loop, I cranked the speed up to ~9:08 and held that for 6 miles… nice and easy. IPod had a bunch of 80s stuff on it… seems like every other song was VanHalen. I had a nice endorphin rush around mile 10.

On the last lap I started to tire… pace slipped to ~9:25 but still felt okay. The funny thing was that I got a second endorphin rush during the 16th mile(Unchained and Panama by VH on the iPod)… followed a ½ mile later by that all too familiar lightheadedness of a nice bonk…

I ended up with about 17.5 miles… tired and happy. Knee is still a little sore but I think I’ll live.

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