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Monday, January 12, 2009


Yesterday was my first schedule 20 miler in preparation for the 26.2 with Donna Marathon.

Just in time… my new Garmin 301 arrived… the same footprint as my old 201 but with I hoped better algorithms… and a heart rate monitor…

Saturday had been a day off… the only exercise I got on Saturday was pushups…. I had, however, managed to injure myself… I pulled a muscle in my neck… it’s pretty strange really… the muscle runs from my jaw down to my collarbone… just a minor irritation really.

Sunday was supposed to be cooler and cloudy with a good chance of rain…. Well… as Meatloaf said… “Two out of three ain’t bad” it was cloudy… it did rain a little but the temps were in the 70s.

Miles 1 &2: just nice and easy with Kara @ an 11:15 pace.

Once we got to Hidden Lake… I decided to run the loops there backwards from the direction Kara went in… I ended up running the next 2.75 miles at a 9:10 pace… from there we ran together… 4 miles at a ~10:45 pace.

My neck/jaw started to hurt pretty badly during that time… and I realized that I had no thermotabs either….

I dropped Kara off at home and set out to run 13 miles alone.

I ran inside and grabbed a baggie with Advil and thermotabs

Basically held a 9:20 pace for the last 13.. never really felt too uncomfortable even ran a sub 9 mile 19… just for kicks…

I did much better with the refueling than I did last week. I drank 1.5 liters of water, had 8 thermotabs and ate 5 gels. Felt strong the whole way.

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