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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Last Year vs. This Year

My perspective:
Feb 2013 Run Total = 237 miles
Feb 2014 run total = 4.2 miles
I miss running...  The solitude... I'm an introvert and I really need that time by myself.
Cycling is great...  I'm having a lot of fun...  making new friends...  but it's different.  There are so many more stimuli to process... with the addition of a geared machine...  other people...  25 MPH...  Cornering...  what wheel to follow...all the things that make cycling so much fun...    it is really sensory overload...  nothing else exists...  except the ride/race..  for the hour or two that it's going on...  a rush to be sure but...
In contrast, running, or to be more specific ultra-running is just the opposite...  metronome feet...  deep wandering thoughts... hours upon hours of being alone...  sometimes without seeing, much less speaking to, another soul.  It's even a different kind of tired...  and I dig being tired...  running tired is a "oh, it feels so good to just sit here" tired... 
Cycling tired is a "I have a headache and I feel nauseous so I'm going to lay down" kind of tired.
All that said I'm going to stick to this trajectory for a while.  I have some cycling goals to attain... and a plan to get there... 
And Running...  well...  despite all the rest and rehab I still have some serious issues...  but I'm going to begin again...  starting with 6-9 miles a week...  and maybe just staying there for a while.


wcooperjr said...

It is good to change things up. I haven't run more than 20 miles a week in over a month...and I'm supposed to be getting ready for 4 100 milers this summer. yet I needed the break. just keep on experimenting...and enjoy the ride!

B.o.B. said...

SOOOOO true about cycling. Too much too process vs a good run where you barely even remember what the last mile looked like.