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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

After the rain

all winter it seems…  every time I get a chance to go outside in general…  and swing my leg over the top tube of a bike specifically…  it rains…  or is wet… 
well..  saturday I awoke once again to the sound of rain…  but as forecasted it did stop before I left home.
the roads were wet…  and it was a bit chilly but no rain…  and WINDY…  as in 25 MPH type winds…  and while it was a good ride…  and we had a good sized group…  60 or so…  when we turned into the headwind NOBODY wanted to pull…  but when we had the full on tailwind the group would stretch out single file going 30-32 on the flats… then two turns later headwind and 18 MPH three wide…
Sunday Funday…  after a quick ride on the trainer early the afternoon's activity was golf ..  in the Florida Sunshine…  good times
President's Day…  who knew we had this day of…  well i did not until about Wednesday of last week…  well we made the most of it by driving 80 miles west where we were treated to 78F temps (it was 65 or so here in Jax) and a two hour ride where we encountered less than 50 cars…  and a few miles of dirt roads to boot.
and now I've got a nice farmers tan going outside…  good vitamin D and peace of mind on the inside…
but wait there's more!  it's a short week…  and RACE week baby Here we come Southern Cross

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