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Friday, October 25, 2013

Ridin' Dirty

So…  I have been doing a lot of riding…
Group rides:
Cyclocross Races:
Trainer rides:
Climbing Mountain Passes:
I even placed in a Cyclocross race:
I know…  3rd place in the "B" race is not the Olympics or Le Tour but for me….  Being the 3rd fastest non Cat 3 or above goofy cyclist running around in a city park on a Thursday is kinda groovy
But last Tuesday…  well let's just say that I found my people…
One of our local group rides ( goes off-road in the off-season…
Well actually the road looks like this:
In the daytime….  And when it is dry….
Well…  last Tuesday it rained all day and the sandy dirt road was awash…  but…
About 25 of us went out and rode our bikes from twilight into pitch black darkness down these roads like we were racing Paris-Roubaix
It. Was. Awesome.
Afterwards I looked like this:
And my bike may never be same
But I'll be back next week…  is it Tuesday yet?



Matthew Smith said...

Way to be on that bike! It looks like you've really been out there a lot! Congrats on being a CX Stud! You da man!

Kevin said...

That's some serious cycling. Congrats on 3rd place.

Will said...

awesome! a podium finish. great work on the bike. looks like you are a professional now...