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Friday, November 1, 2013


Okay.. I totally ripped off this format from boB (thanks Beth)
Run  70 miles – Houston we have a problem…  it looks like fall running season will not get off the ground this year.  Mileage is not the problem legs are the problem.  More on this in a future post
Bike  40 hours on the bike…  yep…  ridin' like it's a part time job
Swim I am beginning to seriously consider it =;-)  in all seriousness…  I will return to triathlons in 2014…  and ergo swimming too
Races – Just the aforementioned CX stuff
Current Reads
A pretty good novel about the Norman invasion of England in 1066 and the aftermath.  I plan to read the other 2 books in the trilogy.
Right now I'm reading :
Interesting…  it's lots of stuff I did know along with a few very interesting details of which I was unaware.  The book really tries to unravel the interconnecting relationships and conspiracies behind the Lance Armstrong story.
Current Obsession cycling aside…  Playing Golf.  After a 10 year hiatus..  and no surprise…  Judi is pretty good.
Current Need A new pair of mountain bike shoes. These fell apart midway through a Cyclocross race.  My "sole wrenching" did not help my podium chances
Current Triumph – Getting CPR and First Aid certified
Current Bane of My Existence keeping the 3 bikes I have in working order
Current Goals
Racing:  Southern Cross 55 mile endurance Cyclocross race on 22 Feb 2014
Personal development:  Judi and I are half way to being certified to teach spin at the YMCA.  Just two more classes which we will finish up in six weeks or so.
Current Indulgence Brown Ale
Current Blessings the best family and friends a guy could have
Current Excitement  Tuesday night rides in Guana Park


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