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Monday, December 10, 2012

Building Base

Life is a little slow here…  both with training and with the seasons

We did get our christmas tree up…

I wanted this one:

But the girls talked me onto the 12' model

BTW I am standing on a barstool

I did a kind of grinding workout on Saturday…

60 minute spin
30 minute Stairmill
30 minute treadmill run
30 minute Stairmill
30 minutes treadmill

I got some funny looks and a few questions since I did all but the spin part with my hydration pack on…  and I sweat like a pimp in church.

My PT had recommended that I do shorter runs to keep my hip from getting too tight.. so on Sunday I split my run into a 6 mi AM without my pack and an 11 miler with pack in the evening.

Judi even came along for part of the evening run.

This is the kind of scenery I had to put up with…

Over all a good solid weekend… definitely something to build on.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am impressed with your grinding workout, 3 hours is a nice length of time, but on machines makes it seem so BOOOORRRRIIIINNNGGGG, hats off to you

it's all about pace said...

BDD... the machines are a bit less boring when I move around a bit... and I'm listening to a really good book

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I admit, I am spoiled at my gym, we have personal televisions on every single cardio machine and to top it off, we have a movie room filled with cardio machines. But I prefer the 1/12 mile track to run on. The stairmill, in my opinion, the best cardio machine out there

Matthew Smith said...

Beast! That workout of all the different options sounds intense. I just want to know if you sweat in church because you're hot, or because you feel guilty with what the pastor is preaching about... :)