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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What to do?

Rest week… What is that?

I am now somewhat at the mercy of the coach we hired for Judi.  This was a calculated decision we made to keep my natural tendency to over-train cause me to drag Judi along with me.

With last week's 40 miler behind us (relative) rest was on the agenda

Our training for the weekend was to be limited to an hour run on Saturday and 30 minutes on Sunday.

We did pretty well..  just adding a little Core on Friday after work and an hour spin on Saturday but it still left us with time and energy on our hands…  so we did other stuff

We stocked up on wine (we had a coupon!)

Went out!! On Saturday night!!!

It was a Pub Run/Fundraiser for a local charity Marathon High.  Marathon High is a non-profit program under the Galloway Training Program. It is a free, school-based, long-distance running program open to all teens in grades 9-12.

The evening was themed "Dress up as your High School self"

I dug my old letter jacket out of the closet…  it still fits well enough:

We did clock some impressive mileage…  My Dodge broke the 6 figure barrier:

And Sunday dinner must have smelled delicious as evidenced by Jimmy's drool

Back to real training this week and none too soon…

And I'm just itching to race again too…  I think I'll sign up for this:


Matthew Smith said...

That duathlon looks awesome! I'm a huge fan of doing them. Tri's are great, but it's nice to mix it up a bit...

Jimmy is a good lookin' pup even with all that drool!!!

I'm glad you took a picture of the mileage. I always miss it by too much to take the picture.

You deserve a chill week from training after all that running last week. Take it easy!

My Boring Triathlon Blog said...

A coupon for wine? wow what a bizzare concept. Here in Ontario The Good, such "incentives to increase consumption" is against the law

Have a glass or two or three or...

DRog said...

Letter jacket fits!
good lookin DU

Wes said...

haha your dog has the same name as my son. I need to share that with him.