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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a Forty

No… not that kind of forty…   this kind.

We were at the trailhead…  just before dawn… to set off on what would be our second "do it yourself" Ultra

Our route was pretty simple…  Down through the Guana reserve…  on the east side roads which we had never traversed…

The loop the Guana single-track trails

Then run south on the beach to Vilano…

And finally a beeline through Guana again back to the car…

We had to be back by 5 PM due to parental responsibilities.

The first few miles we kept it steady…

We threw in some walk breaks…

And yes…  that is a cotton t-shirt… and yes it was a mistake to wear it…  and yes I should know better.

The single-track was nice…  cool and shady

The beach was miserable tailwind going south was stifling… and I'd forgotten how steeply canted the beach is in Vilano…  even at low tide.

Inexplicably I felt really good for the last leg…  Judi had some back issues which forced some long walk breaks

But she kept smiling….

And we made it back to the trailhead at about 1630…

40 miles covered.

Some sore feet

A sore back

A few black toenails

But overall we survived


Matthew Smith said...

Beastly! I think it's so rad that you and the wife go out there together and just bust out the mileage. Good for you guys! Keep up the good work, and I hope you get some good rest and recovery.

Wes said...

nice. I bet you had some chaffage too :-) but I don't wanna know where.