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Monday, October 3, 2011

on again off again Ironman

One of our goals this year (Yes…  Judi and I train together 90% of the time and race together 95% of the time) was to do an Ironman distance race.

In this case it was more of my goal..  Judi was just along for the ride…  Just as she had been in 2010 when she grabbed an AG 2nd place at a ½ IM.

We contemplated IMFL last November.  That, however, was just too much money to spend that far out.

Next up…  Beach to Battleship.

Open late

Swimming with a current

Nice venue

We kinda stuck that out there as a goal for a couple of months (yet did not register)


Well except that it fell on the weekend of an important conference…

Switch gears…  GFT is harder but…  yeah!  Let’s do it!  We have a score to settle there anyway…  and that was the plan…  for a few months.

Training went well…  until we had a bit of a setback:

the untold story there was that Judi DNFed…  needless to say our confidence waned.

Then…  September came…  training was going well…  I did a weekend at the Total immersion seminar…  Judi remembered that she was part honey badger…  Race on…  Bring on GFT!

We sat down last Monday to register…  pulled up the website and realized that we had yet another scheduling conflict.

So it’s off….  Not a huge deal really…  We’ll just take another shot at the ACT 1/2

Maybe I can break 5 hours this year.


Matthew Smith said...

Well, it sounds like you guys know what you're doing and are making smart choices. It'll happen when it's supposed to happen. I hate those scheduling conflicts.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Good luck racing

Wes said...

LOL... flexibility is a good thing. I want to do the ACT 1/2... maybe next year... cept I got a bone to pick with Augusta!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

I had never heard of the ACT 1/2. But definitely save B2B for next year. As long as all goes well, I should be down to NC for that one myself!