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Thursday, July 2, 2009


I have basically run the same loop… 5 miles 3 days in a row… and each time in pretty close to 45 minutes…


Easy day… I’d had Monday off from running… and the weather was mild… only mid 80s… so I decided to run a little faster than the 9:25s on my training schedule. I thought 5 9s would be good. I hit the first mile in 9:40… then ran solid 8:50s to finish in 45:xx.


Supposed to be easy again… it was hotter but I felt really good… another 9:40 mile started things off… on the second mile I decided that I was going to run mile 3 fast… but relaxed watching my form… Mile 3 was a 7:20… with the rest of the run at a ~9:15 pace I came in at just under 45.


Tempo day. Warm-up mile, 3 mi @ 8:04, cool down mile.

Warm-up… felt better than expected. Mile 2 – 8:02… hmmm… that’s pretty close… as I’ve been timing my runs all week with the trusty Timex because my Garmin lost it’s mind….

Mile 3 – 7:59 – I would have put on a smile had I not been on the rivet…

Mile 4 – I could feel my pace slipping… the legs felt good but my heartrate was pegged… the heat getting t me too…. 8:40… the cooldown mile was not fun… I think I stumbled to an 11 something… final time north of 46.

All in all… I’m happy with the lunchtime running for the week…

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Glenn Jones said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

Yes - like you I use my Garmin on my bike. I'm not training for a tri or anything, so the only thing I'm worried about is distance. I recognize that as long as I'm on the bike, my calorie calculations are all way off (not that they ar that accurate anyway). I believe that to get accurate info from your bike, you do need a footpod (cadence) or the speed sensor.

I just don't want folks who buy the Garmin to think that they have everything they need, only to find out otherwise if they're real serious about bike training.