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Monday, June 29, 2009

Running like a long legged Mule

I joined the Hammerhead Triathlon Club a few weeks ago

Saturday was supposed to be my first workout with the club. I’m not much of a joiner… somewhat of an introvert I guess… But I have decided to get out, be involved and meet new people…. Okay so I haven’t done it yet… But I will.

Well… I was really planning to start on Friday night… as the club was participating in a Pub Run… but it rained earlier in the evening… and that’s all it took… I decided against that.

So… I bailed on the group workout Friday and Saturday too… I had reasons. 

I did, however, train at the beach. I rode 70 miles. The sprint tri course and A1A to St Augustine and back. Then ran 4… Felt pretty good the whole time.

Sunday morning I got up early again. I’m not an early morning runner… so I decided to ride 10 miles or so then run 9.

The ride went fine but when I started running I felt like a draft horse… heavy footed plodding. Funny thing happened tho… after a couple of miles I had a nice endorphin rush… nothing like it really… only experience has taught me that these normally precede a bonk by only a few minutes… I hoped that this would be an exception to that rule and it was… and while I did not run very fast… or very pretty… I did run relaxed, and steady, and strong… like a long legged mule.

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