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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summertime Whews

Playing a little catch-up here. Just remember to you, gentle reader, this is a blog… for me it is often my training/racing journal.

July 3rd:

Rode on the Rails for Trails on Saturday of July 4th weekend… holy mother of God was it hot… 40 miles and I was cooked… which was fine because by 0930 the trail was bustling with rollerbladers and jog strollers…

July 4th:

Went out to Mickler’s for a brick. I had three hours before I needed to pick up my oldest daughter from a friend’s house. I hoped to do a 40/3 brick.

Left right at 0800 the computer on my tri bike went out a couple of weeks ago… it’s been finicky for years and I think it finally gave up the ghost for good… I had my Garmin but it too was on the blink… it would only output the current speed… so… I set out to ride to the Vilano bridge and back… pretty close to 40 miles on the dot. As I topped the first dune in South Ponte Vedra… and just as I pass someone else I get passed… It’s a fit looking dude on a tricked out Cervelo. I thought I’d try to stick with him… although I left 2 bike lengths… just to stay “legal”

And stay with him I did… all the way to Vilano… at ~22mph… Pulled up next to him on the bridge to chat. His name was Tom and he was doing his last long training ride for IM Switzerland… Nice guy.

On the ride back north I was riding with Tom… enjoying the day and hoping I could hold this speed all the way back… I took a sip of water then missed my bottle cage… there it goes… my water bottle skittering down the bike lane on A1A…

Figuring It’s over now… and I’ll heve to ride it back solo I turned around and retrieved my bottle… Just for kicks tho I thought I’d try to catch Tom… I worked my butt off for about 10-12 minutes but eventually I got back…

Since I’d gotten my ride finished early I had time to run 4 instead of just 3.

July 5th:

3 day weekends are nice…. Had no kids Sat nite… both spending the night with friends… so I went out myself… and stayed out too late… slept late… Ended up doing a brick 1 hr ride and a 9 mile run in the evening.

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