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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Post Marathon Blues?

Not really....

active recovery started less than 12 hours after I crossed the finish line. I forced myself to ride the trainer. Just for 30 minutes.... but getting the blood flowing into my legs again was helpful.

All in all the least amount of post marathon soreness I've ever had. I attribute that to 3 thnings:

1. Better training

2. Easing up in the last 6 miles when I knew that my goals rwere out of reach.

3. Aforementioned post race plan to keep moving.

Post marathon week was pretty close to a normal training week with the exception of having no speedwork.

Last weekend even got in a 9 mile "long" run.
Tuesday of this week... I just had one of those days today. Supposed to be 5 in 45 minutes... Just ran without mind of pace.... just hinking about staying lose and keeping god form.. finished in 42 and change.

I ran again with Kara and the Winn-Dixe folks Tuesday night.... nailed my tempo run 5 mi with 3 @ 7:34 yesterday... it was not "tempo" tho... it was all out and it hurt.

I have a 15K:
and a 10K
on the horizon.

My thoughts, planning, and focus, however, turn to triathlon this time of year. This year will be very different.

I have raced Clydesdale for a decade... okay more than that. The Clydesdale category is for male racers who are over 200#.

Seldom have I gotten over 215# and I'll never be over 5'10" tall

I'm now under 200 and will race age group this year. I'll miss the Clyde category in our local sprint series because I racked next to and raced with the same group of bigger guys every year.

No doubt they (Layne is in my group for example) will make fun of me now... ask me to turn sideways and exclaim "Where'd he go?" or something like that and generally kick sand in my face...

All that said...

The race is what you make it... categories or no. the real race is within.

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