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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

RR - Jacksonville 1/2 marathon

Short version: (There will not be a long version. )

I failed. I planned to run 13 sub 8 minute miles… and grin and gloat and float the .1 to the finish line.

I did not. I started fast… maybe too fast (7:38).. I held that pace through 5 miles. Wheels started falling off during mile 6. One bright spot… I ran my first sub 50min 10k… then I made a rather ugly fall back through the field. The last 3 miles were 10s… I just didn’t have it… I guess I overestimated myself and what I was capable of… I went to make a withdrawal from the First National Bank of Pain and had non-sufficient funds.

We are all looking for that line… just how far we can push it… and on 21 Dec 2008 for the given distance. I found it… and it pushed back.

Bring on the full marathon on 15 Feb 2009. I’ll be ready.

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