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Thursday, August 15, 2013

My 10 Simple rules for Spin Class

I like to ride bikes…. I love to ride bikes outside
But often times getting a ride in outside is just not feasible…  bike on the car rack in the morning…  off to ride at lunch… Just a lot of work for 30 minutes of pedaling…
So god invented spin class.
At their best they are high energy karaoke dance parties
And at their worst they can be like moving your feet in small painful circles while you are stuck in someone else's car who is yelling at their spouse on the phone and blaring a radio station you hate
And over the last oh… 15 years or so I have been to hundreds of these gatherings of music loving cycle fitness enthusiasts…  here are a few things that I would like to share with spin instructors everywhere.
1.  It's really pretty much all about the music
2.  Keep it simple – steady on the verse faster on the chorus
3.  Jumps are fun…  but only if you have rhythm and can count J
4.  No songs without lyrics – how can we sing along if there are no words
5.  No deep album cuts or obscure bands – play stuff we know
6.  Smile - if you don't the class thinks that they are ticking you off
7.  I don't care if you went to a live show of "Riverdance" and thought it was awesome…  please don't try and enlighten us during class
8.  You really can't miss with the Black Eyed Peas
9.  No Pink Floyd
10.  Have fun… it's a workout but it doesn't have to be work - if the instructor is having fun pedaling to music...  we all might just want to come along for a ride.


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Will said...

its always all about the music!