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Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend update

First off…  Garmins.

I own a half dozen of these little machines… 

The 405 is missing….  I put it on my kitchen counter last Sunday after my long run…  I have not seen it since
The 305 will not power on
One of the 205 will not synch to my PC and the other will only charges if lash it to the charger
The 301 works okay…  and has the longest battery life…   but reception is spotty sometimes.
"an idiot and his machines…"

Oh yeah…  the weekend…

Started with a holiday party…  I know in the middle of November…

A bunch of lawyers and bankers…  wild party crowd…

Saturday was more cyclocross

And beer…

A nice video of the mudpit and the GoPro copter crashing...

Sunday morning found us doing some Florida Hills

Which brings us to today…  my first day as a coached athlete.

Let's go!


Matthew Smith said...

Ouch! That crosscopter ate it hard! You sure get a little muddy with XC. That's half the fun, right? Nice "hills." I guess you've got to get there wherever you can for the training.

wcooperjr said...

I feel for you with all the Garmins. I've got some 15 garmins and polars of various vintages dating back 20 years. Hope your coach believes in maffetone training!