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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fast Wednesday

It used to be Tempo Thursday….  And that had a nice ring to it but…

But... Thursday is a busier work day…  anyhow…  Wednsday is working out for now.

The last two weeks have been tough…  it's really hard to crush intervals and run hard in the oppressive heat.

Today… not quite so hot and threatening rain

it was  I had it in my head that I could hit my goal pace today… it was also in the pit of my stomach that it would be difficult.

During my warm up mile I could tell that I did not have great legs..  but no major aches or pains either which really is a pretty good status report all things considered.

At the one mile mark I picked it up…  and felt okay…  a quarter mile later when I checked my Garmin it did not report stellar news…  I was a good 45 seconds off my goal pace…. 

At this point I spoke a bit sharply to my legs (inside my brain of course) in a Jens Voigt accented voice "Run Legs!"

My legs responded in the voice of my oldest teenage daughter (the contrary argumentative one…) "We are running dad!"

Hmmmm…  my legs never called me dad before…  that's weird… 

So I decided to  try and ignore the voices in my head and run just a little faster… 
Mile 1 was still 35 seconds over the pace I was shooting for…  I just kept running and trying to stay smooth…  and each mile was just a little bit better than the previous one…  aided no doubt by the nice rain shower we had.

Well…  at least until the last mile…  I slid a bit…  not a bad thing really when my legs get heavy and turnover gets more difficult towards the end of a session, I think that just proves I gave a good effort.

In the end it was still a bit off of my goal but a decent effort nonetheless.



Matthew Smith said...

I love the conversation between your head and your legs. Mine talk to me too! Nice work with the speed work! It sucks doing it, but it sure makes you faster!

Will said...

sometimes speed and legs don't mix. I've learned to listen to my legs...they never lie. just be careful out there and remember "It's all about Pace."