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Friday, September 28, 2012


First race of the season last night…

Here's how it went:

Lined up too far back
Ran past half a dozen folks who were trying to mount on the uphill.
Went down on the back side of lap one… wheel washed out in a corner (aka I corner like a 6 year old)
Went down again when my handlebars got caught in the tape…  WTF?
Mechanical on lap 2…  lost half a lap adjusting my saddle
Once I had sufficiently taken myself out of the race with all of those shenanigans I settled down, stayed out of the dirt and mud, and ran off a number of smooth laps.
When I heard "last lap" I gave it all I had and managed to stay with a couple of the fast guys most of the way around..
Once we crossed the line they were congratulated for finishing in 2nd and 3rd  and I was sent off to do another lap (they had lapped me)
In retrospect this gave me the opportunity to continue to move up in the field but…
My azs was done… I mean I was simply dizzy from effort.
I proceeded to run into a tree… crash again in the same corner…  and then again 3 turns later…
At that point I kinda pulled the plug and soft pedaled the back side of the course.

All that said….  The most fun I've had after work on a Thursday evening in a long time…

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Matthew Smith said...

Although it sounds like you ate it a lot, that also sounds like a ton of fun! I might have to try CX sometime!