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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Traveling Fools

"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." Saint Augustine

This past weekend we went down to Tampa.  Judi went to take a certification exam while I took an opportunity to check in with our company's Tampa office.  I found the router…  and plugged in the secondary power supply.  Pure genius!

It can get hot in Florida in March…

Since we were in the vicinity… and since we did not register in time to actually do the race this year… we decided to run the course for this race: 
Croom Trail 50 Mile, 50K, & 16 Mile Fool Run

The loop was 16 miles…  we wanted to

a.      Run 18ish
b.      See the River
So we planned to do an out-and-back to the river roughly from Aid Station #2 above.

We found the start…  a nicely maintained park at the trailhead.
After chasing Judi down the trials for a couple of hours

(Check out her new "Women's Specific" hydration pack)

We made it to the Withlacoochee River.

Yes…  it was raining slightly.

the trails were hilly by Florida standards...  and beautiful....  over three hours out there and we saw no one else on the trails....  my idea of a blissful day

We made it back to our car…  and eventually back to Jax.

Since we got our long run in on Friday…  we pretended to be cyclists on Saturday.

We felt awesome heading south on A1A

25 MPH headwinds on the return leg reminded us that we were not yet ready for the Pro TOur

A beautiful Sunrises greeted us in Jax beach for our Sunday run.

Then having done all that strenuous exercise…  Judi finished off the weekend by eating an entire jar of Peanut butter (not really)


Wes said...

travelling fools!! 90 degrees, really? and if that's an anatomically correct female hydration pack, the spouts are not located in the right spot...

LMAO! I killz me....

Matthew Smith said...

What an awesome set of workouts! You guys rock! That trail looked like a sweet place to do some running. Doesn't wind suck? (unless it's behind you...) It's awful up here in Michigan. I'm starting to see a trend to you "in action" photography. You seem to be focused. :)

My Boring Triathlon Blog said...

wow 90 degrees in March? Yikes what's it like in July?

DRog said...

nice training
riding on the A1A!

looks like I escaped FL just in time before 90! wow