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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gettin Physical

Yep that was us at the gym yesterday… an hour…  not a single weight was touched…

We did do a bunch of stuff like this:

walking lunges 2x 50 reps
side stepping squats 2x 50 reps

2 circuits of the below:

#1-Hip Circles 15 reps each way
#2-Circles 15 reps
#3-Inner Thigh Lifts 15 reps
#4-Side Kick Up/Down 15 reps
#5-Prone Leg Lifts 15 reps
#6-Reverse Lunge 15 reps (you can skip this)
#7-Heel Walking 15 steps each foot

Yesterday I was a bit wiped out…  from just that little Janeish workout

Today I am sore…  hips..  glutes…

and I snapped a quick self-portrait in the mirror this morning


Matthew Smith said...

You're hilarious! You and Richard Simmons don't really look that much alike. Did you wear what they were wearing in that picture? A swimsuit with tights and some knee-high crocheted socks? That's hot!

Lesser is More said...

Good stuff! Keep doing a bunch of that a couple times a week, combined with mobility and you'll injury proof yourself in no time!

Of course, you can still wear knee highs and look like an Richard Simmons while doing it just to take the serious out of the work. I'm sure the people at the gym appreciate that.