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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

weekend training

Since it was spring break week…  I took a few days off and kinda started the weekend early.


We did 2 spin classes followed by a 2 mile brick outside in the rain on Thursday morning then I took my kids to Savannah to do the tourist bit up there….


 Somebody got a new bike…



Since we had a longish ride scheduled for Saturday per the usual recipe…  we thought it a good idea to get a quick test ride in n Friday morning…  good thing too…  we had time to shake out a few things and adjust a bit…  45 minutes…  then spent the rest of Friday in St. Augustine Beach with the kids.


A gorgeous day…  and we made the most of it.  Got in 63 miles.  Did the Jax Beach to St Augustine loop knowing full well that the last 20 miles were going to be into a 15 mph headwind. 

But before that we did some hills….  Or really the closest thing to hills in this part of Florida. 

We had a guy pass us on A1A in a US Army kit and on a tricked out tri bike…  Thankfully Judi did not complain when I decided to pull him back once he got 500 meters or so up the road.  I’m not really that competitive (reallyJ) I just saw it as a good dangling carrot type of training opportunity

We finished Saturday off with a quick 2 mile brick.


We got at it early and did our old long run loop that starts with us having to sneak into a gated community…  nothing like a little covert operation at 0530 to get the blood circulating. 

We ended up with 10.5 miles…  straight into a nice sunrise for the last 3 miles…  I think I smiled the whole way…  just happy to be back to the old routine…  and as usual just happy to be running.

Our dessert


Wes said...

that's just a terrible place to have to train :-) and really, 2 spin classes in one day? glutton!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Where is your new bike??? At least you deserve some race wheels

DRog said...

nice riding !~
def nice to be back in the ol'routine:)


it's all about pace said...

thanks Big Daddy... I have printed your response as justification and am currently perusing eBay for race wheels

Kona Shelley said...


Emz said...

What an awesome weekend.

Love the photos.
Love the dessert ---yum.