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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So long Spring…  it was nice..  we’ll always have March.

Yep..  summer is back…  armwarmers…  gloves…  inattention to hydration requirements…  all put away.

We did a 63/5 brick on Saturday….  Warm at the start (0755).  We probably should have started 30 minutes earlier and likely will next week
Run loop
Bike route

About 5 miles in we passed a the “Lodge group” a group ride about 60 riders strong…  we weren’t hammering but neither were they…  they were just rolling out and warming up.  We did stop twice for fluids…  as it warmed up quickly…  enjoyed the tailwind going south…  then paid for it fighting a ~20 mph headwind on the way back.

When we got back to the car and went to put the bikes back on the roof rack the car was smoking hot to the touch…  after a fairly quick transition we set out to run 6 on what I hoped would be a shady course..  and it was, partially, but the rest of the time the sun was beating down on us pretty hard.  After a slow 1st mile we settled into a 9:15ish pace for the next few…  then at mile 5 we both got kinda bonky and decided to take a bit of a shortcut and walk it in… 

the beers we had on ice were a little slice of heaven

Sunday was another early morning run…  11.2 miles out at the beach again.  I had a hard time keeping up with Judi for the first 4 miles or so… then my left leg loosened up a bit and I felt a ton better.  We were treated to a beautiful sunrise over the Atlantic for the last couple of miles.
week ending 04-10-2011

After the workmanlike weekend Monday brought something completely new and different.  We went to Masters…  and I settled in to my traditional place in the pecking order…  the last person in line…  in the “Guppy Lane”.  About half way through the workout…  Lewis waved me through…  not 10 minutes later so did Amy…  Wow! 

When I started training with these folks I felt like I was in the way…  then little by little I got to the point I could hang on…  then last night…  Well… needless to say…  I’m happy to be finally making swim progress here in my 14th year of triathlon.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on the swimming!!

Will said...

great attitude! I recently discovered that knowledge is patience and patience is knowledge. sounds like you already know this. nice blog.