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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Race Report - Jacksonville Marathon - A disappointing PR

I already hear the smirks as you read this… How can this guy go out and PR a marathon and have the balls to say that he is disappointed

Well… it’s simply true… I wanted more… I expected more… out of myself… out of my training… and out of my execution

In short…

My legs felt dead from mile 1

I ran the first 15 at about 10 sec/mile above goal pace

Had some GI issues at mile 17 that I let get to me

At mile 20 I had the decision... turn myself inside out to go sub 3:30 or “mail it in”

I chose to “mail it in”

One of the reasons I kinda gave up was because I was so cold… cold enough to have stopped and gathered up a couple of random gloves to wear between miles 20 and 22.

Happy hands… stoic face:

final time 3:36:5X


Lesser is More said...

There's always the next one. Marathon success heavily relies on race day execution and less about the fitness (obviously fitness matters though). It all comes down to effective pacing. Studies have shown that running the early miles faster than goal pace is almost always going to lead to a larger positive split. Probably just went into the red a bit too early.

Congrats on the PR - it still is a PR!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on the PR

I love the pink on one hand, blue stripes on the oter look, it can be a new trend